Dick Pack (#572)

Dick Pack joined ALPCA in January 1965 but has been interested in plates a lot longer than that. He was born in 1938 and grew up in Chicago. He got the collecting bug when his uncle gave him a pair of 1935 plates to put on his bike. They wound up in his room and remain a prized part of his collection.

He began saving the family plates in 1951 and got his first car in 1955 and has saved every plate since. He joined an antique car club in 1960 where he bought a box of twenty six plates for $30 and he hasn't stopped since. Met the late Barney Schukraft at a car show in 1962 where he first learned about the club but lost the information. Hooking up with Barney again in 1964 he attended his first local meet in the fall of 1964 in Illinois and sent in his papers for membership.

Dick has attended thirty conventions and volunteered at the registration desk, sold souvenirs, judged displays and worked security. He co-hosted the national convention in 1970 with Barney, Gordon Hewett and Howard Rusmussen at St. Charles, Illinois. They invited Illinois Secretary of State Paul Powell as their special guest. In 1971 he tried with Barney to form the Lincoln Land Plate Association which eventually turned into the MAPA region.

Dick married Carol Lee Rosiple in 1960. He attended Evanston Wright Junior College and served in the Illinois National Guard. The family moved to California in 1973 and then Arizona in 1974 where he lives today.

He met Roy Carson at the Greenfield, Massachusetts meet in 1967 and they became close friends. He was active in Roy's Arizona Plate Society and assisted him with the club newsletter while Roy was editor. He would continue as a contributing editor to Roy, Bob Bittner and Paul Maginnity through the 1970s and 1980s.

He served as Second Vice President of ALPCA from 1972-1973, First Vice President from 1973-1974 and was elected Club President for 1976-1977.

Dick has attended nearly 300 regional meets in fourteen states and was regional host for the 2003 National convention. He served three terms as Director of the NILPS region. He was frequently a guest auctioneer at numerous donation auctions. He continues to submit materials for the club archives and offers encouragement and guidance to new members.

In addition to plates he collects maps, sports memorabilia, books, toys, street car transfers and bottle caps. Still active at age 77 he has seen it all.

The ALPCA Hall of Fame welcomes Dick Pack to its ranks.