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Here is a list of our membership levels, depending on where you live.

US First Class ($46/year):
Our standard membership. Your issue of PLATES magazine will be mailed USPS First Class.
US Second Class ($36/year):
Less expensive, but your issue of PLATES will not arrive as quickly.
US Junior Membership ($20/year):
For members under 18.
Canada/Mexico First Class ($46/year):
Choose this option if you are in Canada or Mexico. Shipping of PLATES will be First Class.
All other countries Airmail ($75/year):
For members outside of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Pay ALPCA dues offline (by postal mail)

To pay dues by postal mail:

1. Make sure that you are familiar with our membership types.

2. Download our printable membership form.

3. Fill out the form, and then send it, along with your check or payment information, to:

118 Quaker Rd
Hampton, VA 23669-2024

Note:If you are a member outside of the United States, you can send credit-card payment information via email to Note that this option is not available to US members - please use the form above instead.

Make other payments offline

If you need to send some other kind of payment, please use the method above. Include a short note explaining the purpose of your payment.

Make online payments with PayPal

If you prefer, you can pay online.

Need help?

See our payment FAQ.

Thank you for your support!

Last updated: Friday, 27-Nov-2015 00:58:48 UTC

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