Best Plate of 2011: Arizona Centennial


  1. Arizona - 1202 votes
  2. Nebraska - 757
  3. Louisiana- 729
  4. Arkansas - 610
  5. Illinois - 533
  6. Oklahoma - 529
  7. Colorado - 293
  8. West Virginia - 258
  9. Indiana - 198
  10. Manitoba - 102

Official press release


ALPCA members' votes will determine which state, province or territory will win this year's top honor. Since 1970, ALPCA has conducted the Best Plate Award competition annually. It is open to plates from the United States, Canada, and their territories.

Arkansas Arizona Colorado Illinois Indiana Louisiana Manitoba Nebraska Oklahoma West Virginia


This year marks the 41st anniversary of the Best Plate Award Program. Last year set a record with 12 eligible new plates nominated. We again have a number of great choices for 2011 with 10 eligible plates. Two are new general issues, from Louisiana and Nebraska. The other eight are optional, extra-cost special plates which include the new Arkansas Deer, Arizona Centennial, Colorado State Parks, the new Illinois Environmental, Indiana Pet Friendly (Spay/Neuter), Manitoba Winnipeg Jets, Oklahoma Texas Horned Lizard and West Virginia Friends of Coal plates. None of the new plates have the retro look that was so common with over half of the nominations last year. All of this year's entries are graphic plates. The majority of last year's plates were also embossed but the plate numbers are embossed on only four of this year's entries.


The primary factors in choosing the plates are both ATTRACTIVENESS and LEGIBILITY, as the best looking plate fails to serve its purpose if the state name or plate number is not readily readable by law enforcement personnel and the public.


You may vote for up to 3 plates. Each first, second and third choices receive 5, 3 and 1 point respectively. Please complete and return the ballot enclosed in your recent issue of PLATES Magazine. Please be sure to number your first, second and third choices. (Voting for a second and third choice is optional.) As a convenience you may instead email this information to but you must include your name, ALPCA member number, email address, and the name of the states for your first, second and third choices along with any comments. Ballots must be received by March 1, 2012 in order to be counted. Your participation is critical to the success of the program. PLEASE VOTE!!

This is the one event for which ALPCA can generate significant positive publicity at all levels for our organization and foster goodwill with Motor Vehicle Departments of the State/Provincial/Territorial Government offices. Also many of these agencies donate license plates to our organization that are auctioned at the annual convention each year.


The winner and runner-ups will be announced in the subsequent issue of PLATES Magazine. ALPCA will then present the award to the winning jurisdiction at a special cermony.


Thanks to the following members for nominating plates and/or supplying photos: Joe Hurd (#1925), George Balsamo (#3562), Wayne Brewer (#5216), Clark Wothe (#6191), Scott Kaiser (#8035), John Shoesmith (#8226), Gene Frost (#8788), Craig Hardesty (#9258), Brian Sawyer (#9571), Josh Husier (#9811), Duncan Malloch (#10894) and anyone else who nominated a plate.

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