The ALPCA Guide to Deceptive and Misleading Plates

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The goal of the ALPCA Guide to Deceptive and Misleading Plates is to educate the public about license plates that are not genuine, or are not what they may appear to be.

Genuine license plates and related objects are issued or authorized by the government identified on or by the plate, and are intended for legitimate vehicle registration. Unfortunately, there are many faux license plates that resemble authentic plates -- either by design or coincidence -- but are not genuine.

Please use this pictorial guide to help identify reproduction, altered, novelty and souvenir license plates.

Additional non-US fake plates can be found on Hanspeter Holdener's site, which also has a mirror of the late Cedric Sabine's information.

Potentially misleading objects in scope for this guide are:

Objects currently out of scope for this guide include:

To learn more about what these terms mean, see the ALPCA Glossary of License Plate Terms.

If you have photos of pseudo plates not shown here or have any questions, please contact the ALPCA at