Reproduction Policy

This is the official ALPCA policy regarding counterfeit or reproduction plates:

An ALPCA member who offers, in a transaction, any plate not officially sanctioned by the proper issuing authority and manufactured during the period of intended original use as depicted by the validation marking on the plate, tab, or decal as appropriate, is subject to suspension from ALPCA. This policy applies to date stickers and tabs, plate attachments and windshield decals (photographs are exempted).

The ALPCA Board of Directors has approved the following guidelines in case of possible violations of the counterfeit plate policy:

When any member complains that a violation of the rule might have occurred, the Board shall investigate the complaint to determine whether a knowing violation has occurred and what action, if any, should be taken regarding the transaction and/or regarding the member who offered the plate or plates in question. In reaching its decision, the Board shall, if necessary, consult with any member having knowledge of the kind of plate or plates and shall further consider:

  1. The stated or apparent intention of the person involved.
  2. The extent of cooperation of the person involved with the Board in its investigation or attempts to resolve the complaint.
  3. The number of plates involved.
  4. Other complaints made to the Board concerning the member, whether or not involving the same type of plate or plates in question.
  5. Prior cooperation of the member in resolving such other or earlier complaints.

A convention display containing reproductions, whether or not marked as reproductions, is not eligible to compete for display awards.

This policy was last revised on November 16th, 2015.