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These pages provide the latest listings for upcoming regional ALPCA license plate meets and also some license plate meets sponsored by other clubs.

Members can also check out more information about our yearly International Conventions (login required).

IMPORTANT: ALPCA Regional Meets are not open to the general public. New collectors who have never been ALPCA members, and who would like to attend an ALPCA meet, should contact the regional host for details about admittance and requirements. Regional Meets and their hosts must adhere to ALPCA club rules.

PUBLICATIONS PLEASE NOTE: Please DO NOT reproduce these listings without express permission from the organizer of each individual event. Refer to the listing for each event for contact information.

Click on a region of the US on the map to see a list of meets in that area, or select a state and click on "Show Meets".

[imagemap] Pacific Northwest Southwest North Central South Central Great Lakes Mid-Atlantic New England Southeast Map of the United States by ALPCA region

Other meet display options:

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