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Hall of Fame Members:
Roy Rich
Jim Graves
Jeff Francis
Neil Parker
John Boal
Tom Boyd
Leo Good
Dave Kuehn
Eric Tanner
Mike Naughton
Dick Pack
Chuck Sakryd
Ted Cline
Marty Mozille
Corb Moister
George Sammeth
Rick Schofield
Ned Flynn
Jim Finley
Roger Haynes
Stephen Raiche
James Fox
Keith Marvin
Richard Yourga
Earl Jenson
Robert Ward
Verdon Rustine
Bob Crisler
Rich Dragon
Jeff Minard
G.B. Moore
James A. Crilly
Dr. Roy Klotz Jr.
Paul Maginnity
Conrad Hughson
Gary Brent Kincade
Don Merrill
Roy Carson
Asa Colby
Cecil George


ALPCA Hall of Fame

At left, select members of the Hall of Fame by name to learn more about them.

The formalized collection of automobile number plates began with the formation of ALPCA in 1954. When one looks at automotive history one will discover that founders, developers, inventors and others have been honored by their respective marques.

ALPCA does not have a physical museum but it does have a website where one can visit our virtual Hall of Fame. Here any member may view the Hall plaques and read about those elected, who they are or were, what they did and the impact they had.

Nomination process

Each year members in good standing may nominate ALPCA members past or present (revoked members are not eligible) that they feel are deserving of induction. The Hall committee will review all nominations received and reduce it to a workable list of those receiving the most nominations. This list is then forwarded to the club Past Presidents who will vote on who will be inducted.

Nomination and selection criteria

The criteria for nomination are simple. The nominee must have given of himself or herself freely to benefit the hobby. This is not about the biggest collections or best collections or the most popular members. It is about those among us who have dedicated themselves to helping new members, promoting the hobby and sharing knowledge. A Hall of Famer need not have held any office in the club nor even be living or still an active member. Revoked members are disqualified for cause. The prospective candidate must exemplify the spirit of the hobby and have a history of unselfish acts. If a living Past President receives nomination he must abstain from voting for himself. Election will be an annual event and those chosen will be announced at the annual national convention, and placed on the website.

Display plaque

A graphic depiction for each honoree will be created and posted on the club website in electronic form. The award will include a picture of the honoree and a depiction of a license plate from the state most associated with the honoree in the year he/she joined the club. The number on the plate will be the honorees ALPCA membership number. A short biography will also be posted on the website describing the honoree's contribution to the hobby.


Organization Committee participants:

  • Bill Dickerson, Chairman
  • Conrad Hughson
  • Justin Mattes
  • George Sammeth
  • Koby Vinokor
  • Reid Williamson

Design Manager:

  • Dave Nicholson

Past Presidents:

  • Dale Blewett
  • Jim Fox
  • Jeff Francis
  • Greg Gibson
  • Jeff Minard
  • Michael Naughton
  • Stephen Tuday
  • Michael Wiener
  • Richard Yourga

In addition ALPCA and the Hall of Fame owe a great debt of gratitude to the following ALPCA supporters past and present for lending the committee many early photographs, actual plates and biographical materials used to prepare the awards and plaques:

J.D. Adams, Ralph Bolduc, Ken Clayton, Henry DiOrio, Rich Dragon, Jim Fox, Gerry Griffin, Conrad Hughson, Dr. Paul Maginnity, Keith Marvin, Justin Mattes, Jeff Minard, Corbin Moister, Stephen Raiche, Chuck Sakryd, Bill Sproull, Tim Stentiford and Bob Tuthill.

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