Jeff Francis (#1879)

Jeff Francis was born in 1962 and joined ALPCA in 1974. He served as 2nd Vice President in 1990, Director in 2003, Vice President from 2004-2005 and as President from 2006-2010. He always remains available to the Board for counsel.

Jeff hosts one of the largest independent plate meets in the country at his warehouse in St. Petersburg Florida each January. When leadership was lacking Jeff stood up and revived the club sanctioned Silver State meet in Nevada. In addition to his Florida facility Jeff owns and operates the Piccadilly museum of transportation and automobilia in Butte, Montana.

His enthusiasm was as evident as a novice collector as it is today as the owner of one of the largest and most complete collections known. Jeff is like a bridge between the modern-day collectors and the old school members who were the foundations of our hobby and club.  He absorbed their knowledge and, in some cases, their collections as they gradually passed on.

The ability to organize meets, regions, and serve the best interests of ALPCA comes from his vast experience in promoting antique shows professionally.  Jeff is a graduate of Western Carolina University and used that education to great benefit in his business endeavors. Jeff has a "can do" spirit which thousands of ALPCA members have benefited from over the years. Some of that spirit comes from being an eagle scout so Jeff is always prepared. Preservation of the hobby is always important to Jeff.  Whether it's plates, cars, signs, or anything old, Jeff demonstrates great interest and effort.

It is with pleasure we welcome Jeff Francis to the ALPCA Hall of Fame.