Roy Rich (#2568)

Roy was born May 3, 1943 in Binghamton, New York. He was raised on a dairy farm performing milking chores before and after school. His initial interest in license plates developed during childhood, after discovering some older New York tags in a barn, as well as in a local dump.

Roy collects Goudey Gum cards, as well as other cards, but not to the extent of his collection of cereal box plates, especially Honeycombs. Over the years Roy built a very serious passenger plate collection of runs of all the states. He was not one to publicize that but for those who know him best they report that it is a notable collection that includes a lot of the key plates needed to complete some tough state runs.

After graduating from the Chenango public schools near Binghamton, he attended The King’s College, and later received M.A. teaching degrees from New York University and Yeshiva University. Roy served as an ALPCA Director in 2012. He is also a past president of the extra miler’s club that many ALPCA members participate in.

Roy spent 30 years as a math teacher in the Valhalla Public schools, located in a New York City suburb. After his retirement, he taught math for five more years at Westchester County Community College. He married his wife Sue in 1974, and they have two daughters, Roberta, and Rebecca. He has resided in Millwood, New York for more than 40 years. Roy has been a moving force and mentor in ALPCA for forty- three years. He has long worked to promote meets in New York State and been host to several. A familiar face at National conventions Roy is an advocate for club membership. It is frequently a family affair for the Riches as they volunteer their time and passion at local meets and the Nationals year after year. Roy is one of the most respected members for his willingness to share his expertise with new and old collectors alike.

It is with pride that we welcome Roy Rich to the ranks of the ALPCA Hall of Fame.