Neil Parker (#999)

Neil Anthony Parker was born in 1938. A giant in the collecting community, Neil was the founder of Europlate the European counterpart of ALPCA in 1972. He chose to be Europlate member # EU2 in deference to Les Newall who was the first chairman of the organization.

He was the creator and later collaborator of one of the most valuable reference tools the license plate community has namely "Registration Plates of the World" This reference was first published in 1968 a year before he joined ALPCA. The book has had four printings the last being in 2004. The second through fourth editions were done in conjunction with John Weeks and Reg Wilson. Neil was secretary of Europlate from 1972 until his passing from cancer in England on 4/12/2018. He edited the Europlate magazine from 1972-1984 and also authored the "Interpol Guide to Vehicle Registration Plates."

Neil was a computer programmer in the infancy of computers who traveled the world gathering notes on registration systems in many countries. He shared many other hobbies and interests with his wife Diane who passed in 2008. He introduced collectors to the world of motor vehicle registrations like no one before or since. The tributes to Neil are numerous but it is clear he was a giant to the hobby. No collector of plates of the world knew more about the rules and laws of more countries. Every collector of license plates owes a debt to Neil Parker who willingly shared his knowledge to advance the hobby. We will not see his like again. ALPCA welcomes Neil Anthony Parker to the Hall of Fame.