Clark Wothe (#6191)

It has long been said that regional meets have been the building blocks of ALPCA. From the time he joined ALPCA in 1991 Clark Wothe has been the cement that has held those building blocks together. He started attending regional meets throughout Arizona and California helping with setting up and greeting people at the registration desk. In time he would host meets on his own. There are few members who are more dedicated to promoting regional meets than Clark Wothe. He learned how to run meets from ALPCA legends Roy Carson and Gary Chavez. He is one of the godfathers of the Arizona License Plate Society and is currently the regional meet coordinator for the club.

From the time he was three years old Clark was very interested in letters and numbers. He would memorize the plates on cars of friends and family. He graduated from Patrick Henry High school in San Diego and attended nearby Grossmont college before moving to Tucson with his parents in 1993 to attend the University of Arizona where he graduated in 2006 with a major in accounting. His first job was at McDonalds, then later he worked delivering pizza and took a job at Target to help pay his education costs. In time he settled into the electronics department and had responsibility for setting up the displays and keeping things in order while working with customers. He moved to an apartment in Phoenix when he became an auditor for the state of Arizona. This job required some travel which he enjoyed. He later got a graduate degree from Arizona State University and became a CPA. He worked for Prudential Insurance and later joined Chase Bank. Clark sends frequent and much appreciated post cards from places he has visited, to family members, and friends, sometimes several a day. He uses vintage stamps, just to make it more interesting. Clark was born in 1970 in El Cajon, California, a suburb of San Diego. He lived in Fairport, New York for a short time as a child before the family returned to California.

ALPCA is proud to welcome Clark to the ranks of the Hall of Fame.