Scott Mitchell (#6625)

Scott Mitchell started collecting license plates back in the mid-seventies. The mini plates that came in cereal boxes are his earliest recollection of interest in the hobby. A few years his collecting interests shifted to motorcycle plates with an emphasis on Virginia motorcycle tags.

One day in 1993 Scott was scrounging through an antique shop for license plates in Norfolk, Virginia while he was home on leave. There he met Hal Forrest, a member of ALPCA who noticed his interest and told him about the club. He was amazed that so many other people collected plates and that there was a club for it. Scott joined immediately and because of his outgoing personality, offered to pitch in. He started volunteering as an auction runner during the 1999 Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He served as regional meet chairman from 2000-2001. He was elected 2nd Vice President from 7/2002-12/2004. Scott was first appointed club secretary in 2002 and served until 2006. His service as secretary was interrupted when he was deployed by his day job, (The United States Army) for three years and he did not resume the position until 2009. He continues in that position to this day and ranks as the longest serving secretary in club history. Scott has been the national convention administrator since 3/2008. Anyone who has ever attended a national convention recognizes the amount of dedication and sacrifice that job requires. On top of that Scott has worked on the club archives, rekindled the Utah group which is now the This is the Place region. He created the club PayPal account, worked on the club RFP and by-laws and done so many things to keep this club prosperous that it would take an encyclopedia to list them all.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Old Dominion University and a Masters degree in computer science from the College of William and Mary. He married his high school sweetheart in 1989 and they have five children and one granddaughter and still calls Virginia home. Scott served in the United States Army for twenty-eight years where he attained the rank of Lt. Colonel. He was deployed in Germany, Haiti, Saudi/Kuwait, Korea and Iraq all tame garden spots of the planet. Following retirement, he took a job in the dreaded private sector where he uses his organizational and computer skills for Microsoft during the day and manages this club of unusual people at night.

The ALPCA Hall of Fame welcomes Scott Mitchell to its ranks.