Rick Schofield (#471)

Richard Schofield was born December 7, 1949 in Glendale, California. He is a veteran of the US Air Force having served from 1969 to 1976 which were trying times given that these were some of the most dangerous years of the Vietnam War. A business owner and family man Rick continues to call California home.

Rick served as ALPCA Vice President 1974 - 1975 and 1987 - 1988. He was a candidate for Director in 1988. His collecting interests consist of state runs from all fifty states and DC runs of Canada and collecting plates worldwide. His particular specialty and expertise is in Nevada plates. Rick served as Vice President and President of the Southern California region and as Vice President of the Nevada region.

National conventions have been the venue for some of the most creative displays built by Rick. His seeming endless knowledge of things obscure has been an asset to new and old collectors alike due to Rick's willingness to share and instruct.

In the decade long history of the Hall of Fame Rick is the only person to have received nominations from three club past presidents. That alone is testimony to his dedication to the hobby and the club and the respect members have for him. One of his nominators went so far as to label Rick as the gold standard of license plate collectors.

Here are the words of another of Rick's nominators. "His continued involvement in plates, regional meets, and national meets, assisting new and younger members whenever needed are shining examples of what he means to ALPCA. He participates actively in the building of displays and is more than happy to share his extensive knowledge of plates to all that enjoy this fine hobby. I would consider his expertise in Nevada plates to be second to none and is a "walking archive" for the Silver State. While living in Southern California I saw first hand what Rick meant to the SoCal Region. Though I moved to the Memphis, Tennessee area in 1989 Rick and I have stayed close through these years apart.Rick Schofield loves ALPCA so much and it is reflected in how he handles his relationships with all that enjoy it too." - Dave Stratton, #3445

So in the words of many, we welcome Rick Schofield the "gold standard of plate collectors" to the ALPCA Hall of Fame.