Jim Graves (#2683)

Jim Graves from Indiana has been an ALPCA member since 1978.

His 42 years of membership has made him a source of knowledge for the new and old collector alike. He was the moving force behind the Hoosier meets and hosted more than twenty of them. Members cite his willingness to promote the hobby and the club as his greatest asset.

He won the Shea trophy at the Chattanooga convention in 1999. The Shea is awarded for Best of Show at the national convention and is voted on by members present. His display was a comprehensive and yet witty and beautifully organized display of state police plates from every state along with miniature cars painted in the colors of the marked state police cars of each state for the era addressed by each tag. It was spectacular and charming.

Jim has attended 34 National conventions and more than 150 regional meets. He has assisted in convention security drawing on his 34 years with the Indiana state police. He served as ALPCA Director from 2001-2003 and has written articles for the club newsletter including the feature article on Indiana in the June 2009 issue of PLATES magazine. He began collecting in the 1960’s with an emphasis on police plates and sample plates. In October 1979 Jim was part of a delegation of ALPCA members who presented Indiana with the coveted ALPCA Best Plate Award as voted on by membership.

The ALPCA Hall of Fame is proud to welcome James R. Graves to the ranks of those who have made a difference.