Dave Kuehn (#1953)

Most young people learn about the license plate hobby through a family member or friend. Dave Kuehn joined ALPCA in 1975 at age fourteen when his uncle gave him plates from Florida and New Hampshire. He soon became a fixture at meets up and down the East Coast and beyond. Older members were delighted someone that young took an interest in plate collecting and were impressed in Dave's dedication at such a young age. Dave continued this enthusiasm for over three decades.

Dave mentored the third generation of collectors and was one of the last members to successfully build a state collection literally one plate at a time. In today's world of eBay and e-mail groups, Dave remained "old school". He once chased a single plate for years, waiting for the owner to sell. Dave never pressured anybody and appreciated the art of the deal as much as the plate itself. Every plate in his collection had a unique story behind it. Like members before him, Dave often advised other Connecticut collectors on the history of Connecticut plates.

Dave learned how to run meets from veteran members, helping at first, then gradually taking over the reins as secretary/treasurer of the Colonial Region. Dave, with the help of others, turned the Colonial Region into one of the most successful regions in ALPCA. The meet locations ranged from his home state of Connecticut to Yorktown Heights, New York and each New England state. Each meet he would man the registration desk, greeting guests with a warm smile and a hardy handshake.

His love for history didn't stop at license plates. When Dave found out the old Milford firehouse would be put up for sale, he saw an opportunity! Dave bought the building and transformed it into his home, while keeping the authentic firehouse atmosphere. He proudly displayed one of the most complete Connecticut license plate collection ever assembled. He hosted New Year's Day parties and many other gatherings throughout the year. He was also noted for his knowledge of the Locomobile automobile which produced steam cars and internal combustion vehicles in Bridgeport, Connecticut from 1900 to 1929.

David R. Kuehn was born July 7, 1961 in Bridgeport Connecticut to Raymond and Gloria Kuehn. We lost Dave far too young on November 1, 2016. He was a graduate of the Joseph A. Foran high school in Milford class of 1979. He was part owner of his family business Anray Lithographers for over thirty years. Besides being an active ALPCA member for over forty years, Dave was always ready to lend a helping hand in the community. He was very active in the Kiwanis Club of Milford for twenty-five years and served as their secretary for most of that time. He was a member of Elks Lodge #1589 where he hosted many Colonial regional license plate meets. He was an active supporter of the Daniel S. Wasson Babe Ruth Baseball League, in honor of his best friend growing up who lost his life in the line of duty for the Milford Police Department on April 12, 1987.

For all these reasons and many more ALPCA proudly welcomes David Raymond Kuehn into the ALPCA Hall of Fame.