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ALPCA's Best Plate of 2016


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us md_2018 pass us nc_honey bee us or_trail blazer us sd_pass us tn_cbu

Please help us by voting.

You can mail your ballots to:
Gus Oliver, 4165 S 33 West Ave, Tulsa, OK 74107

or by emailing your choices to

Vote for Best Plate

by Gus Oliver

Once again it is time to vote for your favorite new plate. We have an interesting mix of 10 plates first issued in 2016. We have 2 US general issues (Maryland and South Dakota), 5 US special issues (Arizona Route 66, California Snoopy in support of museums, North Carolina Honey Bee, Oregon Trail Blazer and Tennessee Christian Brothers University), 1 foreign general issue (Saba), 1 foreign special plate (NSW Australia Beach/Surf) and 1 odd-shaped, foreign scooter plate (Japan, Sumida Ward).

Every year I receive a few ballots where a member casts no votes but writes that there were no good choices. To those few individuals, I would say that surely there is something you like about at least one of these and so please make a first choice. A second and third choice is optional. However, I generally receive more ballots where the member had a tough time making their choices because they really liked more than 1 plate.

The complete set of rules can be seen on our website. As always, the criteria for voting are the ATTRACTIVENESS of the plate and the LEGIBILITY. Voting will be thru March 4, 2017. Any ballots or emails received after that date cannot be counted. Each member may cast his/her ballot by mail OR by email including their name, ALPCA number, and first, second and third choices. Each first choice will receive 5 points while the second choice receives 3 and third choice receives 1. The state with the most points wins. I would encourage everyone to stand across the room from the magazine to see what the plates look like from a distance before making your selection.

I would like to thank the following members for nominating a plate and/or supplying a photo: Justin Beus (#10814), Eric Sivertsen (#8685), Clark Wothe (#6191), Robert Stoffel (#5699), David Miura (#5170), Danny Stalfort (#4095), Rick Kretschmer (#9652), Geof Andrews (#9055), Cody Skoff (11805), Brian Sawyer (9571), and Joe Hurd (1925). I would also like to thank each and every one of you who will take the time to participate.

This award program has honored the best plate of the year since 1970. It has been beneficial to our organization and its members by making a positive impact with the public and particularly with the various agencies that issue license plates. Many of these agencies help us by donating license plates that are auctioned at the annual convention each year. These DMV donations typically account for $5,000 or more of our annual income. This contest does more to improve our relationship with the DMVs than anything else we have done.

Please help us by voting. You can mail your ballots to Gus Oliver, 4165 S 33 West Ave, Tulsa, OK 74107 or by emailing your choices to

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