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ALPCA's Best Plate of 2018

It's time to nominate your favorite new plate. The deadline is Jan 1, 2019. The details and rules of he contest are shown below. Please send all nominations to

Gus Oliver

Nominate Your Favorite Best New Plate

By Gus Oliver #8407, Best Plate Award Coordinator

As with every year many great new plates were introduced during the calendar year of 2018. Now is the time to nominate your favorite new plates for the Best Plate Award. In addition to being attractive, the winner needs to also be legible as a plate fails to serve its purpose if the tag number and the state name are not easily read. This award program has honored the best plate of the year since 1970. It has been beneficial to our organization and its members by making a positive impact with the public and particularly with the various agencies that issue license plates. Many of these agencies help us by donating license plates that are auctioned at the annual convention each year. These DMV donations account for several thousands of dollars of our annual income. Please help us by nominating your favorite new plate. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME SOMEONE ELSE WILL NOMINATE YOUR FAVORITE PLATE. It is much better that several people nominate the same plate than not nominate it. Every year great plates are never nominated because some members assume surely someone else will nominate them. Even if you don't have a favorite to nominate, please take the time to vote when the nominations are published along with the ballot. Below are the rules of the contest.


Any member can nominate ONE new general issue or optional/special interest plate issued ANYWHERE in the world for any type of motor vehicle. It can be a graphic or non-graphic plate, any shape or any size. We must be able to validate that it was first issued in 2018 to be eligible (or within the last 2 weeks of 2017 and not previously nominated). Nominations can be made by email to or by mail to Gus Oliver, 4165 S 33 West Ave, Tulsa, OK 74107.

A high resolution digital photo (200+ dpi) should be submitted with the nomination if possible, or a good quality photo if nominating by mail. If one is not available, the nomination will still be accepted contingent upon being able to locate a suitable image.

To avoid voting confusion, only one entry is permitted for each jurisdiction (state, province, tribe or territory) Only one plate from a foreign country would be allowed if all subdivisions use virtually the same plate. In the event that more than one plate is nominated from the same jurisdiction, the more popular plate will normally be accepted. In the event of an excessive number of nominations, a committee may be appointed to determine the best nominations. (Since we started limited the nominations to one per member, we have not had to narrow the entries.)

The Coordinator will make reasonable efforts to verify that each plate nominated qualifies. In the event a DMV chooses to decline the award prior to public announcement, any votes for that plate would be voided.

Nominations will be accepted from December 1, 2018 thru January 1, 2019. The nominations along with the photos will be published in the February 2019 edition of PLATES magazine in which ballots will also be enclosed. The nominations will also be posted on the website.

As always, the criteria for voting are the ATTRACTIVENESS of the plate and the LEGIBILITY. Voting will be from February 1, 2019, thru midnight PST March 4, 2019. Any ballots or emails received after that date will not be counted. Each member may cast his/her ballot by mail OR by email including their name, ALPCA number, and first, second and third choices. Each first choice will receive 5 points while the second choice receives 3 and third choice receives 1. The plate with the most points is the winner. You can choose to not make a second or third choice but second or third place votes for the same plate as your first choice will not be counted.

The winner will be announced in the April 2019 PLATES magazine and the website soon after the voting is tabulated. This can be a fun, friendly competition. Encourage your ALPCA friends to participate too. Two years ago we had virtually a 3 way tie - one vote (maybe your vote?) could have changed the winner.

Last updated: Friday, 02-Nov-2018 13:41:06 UTC

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