eBay License Plate Rules

Updated March, 2012

eBay maintains some strict policies on the posting of license plates for sale. According to the latest rules posted on eBay:

You can list collectible vehicle license plates that are at least 3 years old. Sellers need to clearly state the plate's age in their listing description.

The following items may not be listed on eBay.

Specifically, this means you cannot list a plate that is less than three years old, counting by months.

Previously only full years counted, but now you can count 36 months back. For example:

Current month and year Latest expiration allowed
DEC 2011 DEC 2008
JAN 2012 JAN 2009

In addition, you cannot list any plate that says "government", "official", "police" or any other form of law enforcement or government agency, regardless of the age. This includes Federal, state, county or city, any level.

eBay originally allowed selling of all license plates, but changed the rules in 2002 to exclude any plate less than 10 years old. eBay changed their restriction to five years after meeting on the subject with a representative of ALPCA, and in March, 2006, it was changed to 3 years, where it remains.

For more information, go to the Government IDs and Licenses page on eBay, and click on "Some Examples".

Thanks to Jeff Minard for helping to provide this information and keep it current.

Last updated: Monday, 31-May-2021 16:14:25 UTC