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Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my plastic membership card? Membership cards are commemorative in nature and do not serve any functional purpose. As such the Secretary orders them in batches maybe once or twice a year, normally in conjunction with the January DB clean up for folks who do not renew. Depending upon when your form arrives in relation to the last order, it could be several months before a card gets ordered and sent. Years ago the card was dated and members got one for each membership year. However, as costs increased the Board in 2007 voted to establish a one time issued permanent membership card as a cost saving measure.

When can I expect to receive my PLATES magazine? PLATES Magazine is issued 6 times a year for the months of February, April, June, August, October, and December. It is mailed on or about the first of the month during the even numbered months. The address mailing list is produced on the 24th of the month preceding mailing and sent to the editor on the 25th. He strives to get them in the mail by the 1st of the month, but if that falls on a weekend or Holiday it may go out a few days earlier or later depending upon the printer's workload at the time.

My PLATES magazine did not arrive, how can I get a replacement? Replacements are sent by the secretary. You can email him at, or you can leave a message on the message line (757) 851-6625 leaving your name, member number, and which issue you did not get. Please keep in mind that the magazine is not always sent out on the exact 1st of the month. Additionally, the timelines in which replacements are sent differ for each class of mail service. For 1st class, replacements are sent if the magazine has not been received after 7 days following the date of mailing. For 2nd class, replacements are sent after 30 days has elapsed since the date of mailing.

NOTE: When considering which class of service to use I urge you to consider the timeliness of service you need for PLATES magazine. 2nd class delivers in a week or so for many people, but it is not uncommon to take a month or more. Additionally, if your magazine is not delivered because you failed to advise us of an address change and you opt for the 2nd class periodical rate that does not get forwarded, there is going to be a charge for the replacement.

How do I know when my dues expire? Your dues expiration date can be found on your magazine mailing label right above your name:

(Membership Expires: 12/2016)
John Doe 10999
101 Main St
Anytown VA 12345

You can also check your dues expiration date, current class of service, and the current address we have for you on file in the members only section of the club website on the myStats page located at The information shown there can only be seen by you.

Where is my renewal form? Renewal forms are enclosed in the August and October issues of PLATES magazine each year or can be downloaded from the club website.

I just joined in September, why am I getting a renewal notice a month later? ALPCA memberships run on a calendar year basis. Members can renew for up to 5 years in advance. Members joining for the full rate after 1 August have the option of renewing the following year for ½ the normal rate for their class of service.

How do I know when my payment is received? If you send in a payment and that envelope date gets updated during the next mailing, then I received your dues payment prior to generating the mailing list on the 25th of the odd numbered months. You can also go to your myStats page mentioned above. If it is updated then I have received your payment. You can check that to see if your payment was received. With 2800+ renewals coming in it is not feasible to confirm receipt of each one, sorry.

Why can it take up to 6 weeks for my check to be cashed or my charge card to be charged for dues payments? It doesn't normally, but regardless of when it is cashed or posted by your financial institution your membership account is credited the day the secretary receives your payment and is visible to you when the next update occurs for the eRoster. Depending upon what day of the month that is it could be a month until you see it on your statement. Check deposits are made once a month and a corresponding deposit report is sent to the Treasurer. Thus, if your payment arrives during the first couple of days of the month, in most cases it will not be deposited until the month's activity is closed out.

How do I get a password for accessing the members only section of the club website? You can establish or reset your password here . Your UserID is your ALPCA membership number followed by the capitalized first letter of your last name. You MUST be listed as a current member in the eRoster for that to work. The passwords are stored encrypted so if you forget it, neither I nor the webmaster can tell you what it is. You have to reset it.

Last revised February 2016

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