Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my membership card?

Plastic cards are produced in batches once or twice a year. As a result, it could be six to nine months before a card is delivered to a new or rejoining member. Cards used to be dated and issued annually until 2007 when the club transitioned to permanent cards to save costs.

No card is required for admission to ALPCA national or regional events. They are just commemorative souvenirs.

When will I receive my magazine?

PLATES Magazine is published bimonthly in February, April, June, August, October, and December and is mailed on or about the first of the month. The mailing list is produced on or about the 22nd of the prior month.

What if my magazine did not arrive?

Contact If you live in the United States and chose first-class mail, a replacement will be sent if the magazine has not been received 7 days after the date of mailing. Otherwise, a replacement will be sent after 30 days since the date of mailing.

When choosing a mailing option, please consider that second-class mail can take anywhere from a week to a month (or more) to arrive. Also, the postal service does not forward second-class mail. If your magazine is missing because you chose second-class and failed to notify us of an address change, a replacement charge will apply.

When do my dues expire?

Check the My Stats page or the top line of your magazine mailing label:

(Membership Expires: 12/2025)
John Doe 10999
101 Main St
Anytown VA 12345

Where is my renewal form?

You can renew online or use the paper form enclosed with the August and October issues of PLATES Magazine. (Paper forms are sent to everyone, whether your dues expire at the end of the year or not.)

How do I know my payment was received?

Check the My Stats page or the top line of your magazine mailing label as above. Renewals received after the 22nd of the month preceding magazine publication may take until the following issue to be reflected on your mailing label.

When will my check clear?

Rest assured; your membership is credited the same day your payment is received. Paper checks are typically deposited at the end of each month, so it may take up to six weeks for your check to appear as posted on your statement. Your renewal will be visible online after the next roster database update.

How do I get a password for the members-only section of the website?

Please see the Apply page. Since passwords are encrypted, if you forget it, you must reset it—not even the webmaster can determine what it is.

How do I join the ALPCA Facebook group?

All current members in good standing are eligible to join this private group—just hit the "Join Group" button. To be approved, your Facebook name must match your name as listed in the ALPCA Member Roster. Accounts named for spouses, friends, noms de plume, etc. cannot be granted access.

Last updated: Tuesday, 01-Jun-2021 07:32:42 UTC