License Plate Restorers

This is a list of individuals who do professional license plate restoration in their spare time. Their work has been recommended by satisfied ALPCA members.

There are three stages of work that these restorers can do:


Professional cleaning of surface with solvents, chemicals, acids or rubbing compound to enhance existing paint and remove rust or oxidation.


Repairing metal, filling holes, rebuilding corners, etc. by adding pieces of material. (Aluminum plates cannot be repaired with aluminum or welded)


Sandblast or remove old paint, applying primer, base coats and finish painting of raised letters and numbers, either by hand or with a roller

Most of these individuals do not perform this service as a main occupation, so please be patient with them. Please do not mail plates to them without contacting them first, by phone or email. Please note that we list these individuals as a service, with their permission, but ALPCA cannot take any responsibility for the services performed.

Restorer Contact Information

Russell Dickerman (#8873)
1202 S. Kenwood, Casper, Wyoming. 82601
Phone: 307-797-1755 (c) or 307-237-8930 (h)
Specializing in Wyoming
Cost: varies
Turnaround: varies
Larry Hoeft (#5323)
Phone: 402-601-9698
Restores and repaints.
Cost: $60, you pay postage both ways
Turnaround: 4 weeks
Dan Landino
37037 E. Almont
Sterling Hgts., Mi. 48310
Phone: (586) 268-8692
Lee Lawson
1838 College Ave
Conway, AR 72034
License Plate Restorations
Rod Pearman (#9337)
Chuck Sakryd (#893)
Cleveland, Ohio
Phone: (440) 734-3800
Cleaning, rust removal, straightening, bring out original paint remaining. No painting.
Cost: $16 first plate, $12 after
Turnaround: 4 weeks
Larry Scott (#6655)
3903 Umatilla St. Denver, Colorado 80211
Phone: (720) 545-5403
Repairs holes, restores and repaints.
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