International License Plates

from the collection of Jerry Boone (#1214)

U.S. Forces in Turkey
Moldova Motorcycle
(Former USSR, now independent)
South Korea Passenger and Motorcycle
Japan Motorcycle and 1938 New Zealand Motorcycle
State of Pohnpei Passenger plate
Melekeok Republic of Palau Motorcycle
Kuwait plate used immediately after the liberation from Iraq
United States Peace Corps in the Republic of Palau
Native American Tribal plates
Yap State Government plate
(Photographed in Yap)
U.S. Forces in Okinawa Motorcycle plates
U.S. Forces in Okinawa
(C = Civilian Worker, O = Officer)
1959 U.S. Forces, Eritrea Passenger, UN Staff
1960 U.S. Forces, Addis Ababa Ethiopia Passenger, UN Staff
1961 U.S. Forces, 1930s Addid Ababa Motorcycle, UN Staff
1966 U. S. Forces Kagnew Air Force Base
Ethiopia - Current Passenger, Transit, and Government
Marianas Motorcycle, 1972
Commonwealth of the Marianas Government plate
(on Police car)